With MOKIT your shop becomes a multi shop, your customers can order from different locations for different dates and times.


Offer different pickup options for selected times and days. Customers can locate the nearest location by entering their zip codes.


Offer local delivery with different price options, enable discounts and specify min. order amounts if required.

Date and Time

Specify opening times for when pickup and delivery is available. You can disable some dates.

Preparation Time

To handle your orders on time you can setup different preparation times on different days.

Zip code

Specify zip code regions with delivery or pickup costs, enable discounts, setup min. order amount for a region.

Free rates, Fixed rates

If your customers reaches a specified amount, you can apply delivery discounts.

Order value, Order weight

Define rates by order value and order weight, apply discounts or free delivery, specify min. order amount

Order overview

Get an overview for each location, fulfill / cancel within dashboard.


Customize color, text, date formatting, translations, currency symbol and more.

Some screenshots